At Paragon, we use the latest tools of the trade to complete our projects in the most cost- effective way, while meeting our client’s needs. After we work with our clients to define the scope of the project, we use different software to turn the scope of the project into a 3D model utilizing different forms of data from different sources. 

This model is then reviewed with the project team, either in face-to-face meetings, or by using Microsoft teams. When the project team is confident we have designed a 3D Model that meets the needs of the end users, we use the Model to generate bid/construction drawings, as well as bill of materials, review (walk thru) models, and visualization renderings if required. 

By having the project design information in one common CADD Model, it greatly reduces potential interferences between the different designers within the project team. This allows the designers to find and fix the interferences prior to construction, thus reducing re-work, saving time and money.

With the use of an iPad, the model is also a handy tool in the field during construction. This allows the owners, contractors, future operators to review the project as it comes to life. Renderings are a useful way to engage stake holders and staff in the project as it gives life like imagery of the finished project.

This process gives us the flexibility to adjust our workflow to match the size, complexity, and scope of the project, and to meet our clients needs and budget. 

The Tools of the Trade.

Using technology to streamline workflows, improve communications and enhance efficiency is what we are about. Whether it’s laser scanning, lidar technology or portable hardware, we believe that using the right tool for the job leads to more successful outcomes.

Three-dimensional models can be extremely valuable tools. They help centralize project information, clarify interactions between the various parties involved and improve the review process.


We utilize a broad-range of industry-standard tools, including:


Advance Steel

Plant 3d


3DS Max